Shirley TempleSome child actors, after working in the industry at a very young age, often find themselves mixed up in various drug addictions and un-safe relationships. Then there's people like Shirley Temple; she sang and danced her way into our hearts as a little girl, eventually going on to become a U.S. Ambassador for the Ghana, Czech and Slovac republics. Finally, at the cutesy age of 77, Temple will be awarded with a lifetime achievement award by the Screen Actors Guild at their awards ceremony on January 29th. I'm not one for awards, but if there's anyone who deserves one for lifetime achievement, it's her. SAG president Melissa Gilbert probably sums it up best by saying "[Temple] has lived the most remarkable life, as the brilliant performer the world came to know when she was just a child, to the dedicated public servant who has served her country both at home and abroad for 30 years." Seems like this little lollipop has had some ride.