An Unfinished Life

If you put Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman in the same movie, chances are good the movie isn't going to completely suck. The last time Redford and Freeman teamed up in a film was 25 years ago in Brubaker, and watching them play off each other in An Unfinished Life made me wish they'd done more films together in the interim. Those two seasoned acting vets could stand in front of a camera just talking for two hours, and it would be entertaining.

Redford portrays Einar Gilkyson, a rugged Wyoming rancher crippled with grief over the death of his only son, Griff, who died in a car wreck a decade earlier. Griff's wife, Jean (Jennifer Lopez), was driving the car, and Einar has never forgiven her for killing his son. Einar spends his days on his dilapidated ranch, caring for his best friend Mitch Bradley (Freeman), who was badly mauled by a grizzly bear.