clintHey, young gamer! Always wished that you could be the characters from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly? What's that? You haven't! You haven't even heard of the movie? Yeah, that's what I thought. Unfortunately, no one told Bits Studios, which just forked over a sizable pile of cash to MGM Interactive for the gaming rights to the film, as well as those to A Fistful of Dollars and A Few Dollars More. I wonder what percentage of Sergio Leone fans even own a gaming system. Fifteen percent? Maybe?

What makes this deal even more absurd is that the rights to use the images and voices of the actors in the films isn't part of it. Instead, those must be negotiated separately, through the individual actors or their estates. Not that it matters too much, since the Bits people don't really seem very interested in the movies they just acquired. They like Morricone's music and plan to use some of that, but instead of following the plots of Leone's works, each game (there will be three) "will follow a new story line that is influenced by the movies and will keep the tone of the films." Great. So gamers will be paying to sit on their couches hearing weird music, and watching some non-Clint weirdo in a dusty poncho wander around killing people? Oh, yeah. The kids'll be lining up for this one.
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