On Day Four of TIFF, Guest Blogger Taylor Barratt sees one of the most impressive films of the festival ... and one of the least.

Not sure I wanted to write my Day 4 round up tonight so I decided to spend a little time before bed to take a look on another review site (oh… whoops.. can I say that?) to see what others are seeing and enjoying to perhaps get some ideas for films to catch in any remaining slots we have this week. I come across a little opinion paragraph on Manderlay, and after finishing it and reading how angry the reviewer is, I become angry and now can not go to bed without getting this off my chest.

Now, I’m not angry at the film, but at the fact I think people are missing the boat on this film (as well as a number of others this year). First off, Manderlay is the best film I’ve seen at the festival so far. Secondly, the film is NOT about Slavery in the South in the 1930’s; this film is about good intentions (eliminating a dictator) and trying to force something onto people you think is best for them (democracy) and then finding out it’s not as simple as you thought it was because the people aren’t ready for it. They need to be eased into it and even then, the future begs the question – “Will it take?”  

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