l-r: Danis Tanovic, Marie Gillain, Karin Viard

In this installment, guest blogger Taylor Barratt has his hopes crushed by gay cowboys and the new People's Choice voting system.

Before I get to the two screenings we caught today, I want to get further up on the soapbox over the change to the People's Choice award this year.

First off I should explain the way it used to work. See, they had ballots. You wrote down the name of the movie you felt was the best. You dropped it in a box. Congratulations, you’ve just voted.

Now, since the award sponsor in previous year isn’t doing it this year, the festival group is handling it. And the method they chose is, and I think will prove to be, a problem. To start, the goal is for the audience to rip a piece of the ballot handed to them at the beginning of every screening. Their tear will rate it from 1 to 5.

The first problem here is not everyone is handed one in advance of the screening. The next problem is, I’ve seen 7 screenings now, and only at one did they explain how the ballot works. I basically assumed it would be exactly the same as in previous years so I had ignored the ballots until that point. Then the final and largest problem is actually getting the ballots back to the volunteers.

The problem is that at some venues, a volunteer can just stand at the exit with a big bag for everyone to drop them in into on their way out, but at the Elgin Theatre or Roy Thompson Hall, there are a dozen different exits and as I left the Elgin tonight, or last night, I didn’t see any of its exits covered. My fear here is that films screened at the Elgin or RTH are only receiving potentially half the ballots then films screened entirely elsewhere? Personally, after 7 screenings I’ve only been able to conveniently cast a ballot for one of them.

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