guyCorrect me if I'm wrong here, but I have a feeling that it's a bad sign when, hours after your new movie's premiere, a BBC headline reports that critics have "savaged" it. Oh dear, oh dear. You know Revolver, the new Guy Ritchie flick with the incredibly great trailer? Well, nobody liked it. Among the choice words used by critics who saw the premiere in Toronto are "pretentious," "overwrought," and "derivative" (though since everything seems derivative these days, that's probably not that bad). Though Ritchie contends that his film was constructed in a way that makes viewers think, critic-viewers disagreed. Wrote one, "The movie spins wildly in circles, continually doubling back on itself, repeating scenes - once even backward - and lines of dialogue until a viewer loses a grip on what is supposed to be real." I repeat:  oh dear. A small positive is that Andre 3000 is apparently great in the film. That's something, right?

For those of you still wanting to know more, there's a periodically interesting new interview with Revolver star Jason Statham over at Contact Music. It sounds like working with Ritchie is an odd experience, full of wrestling, and being made to feel totally inept.
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