bruceJust when you thought Bruce Lee couldn't possibly become more of an icon, the Bosnian city of Mostar announces plans to erect a statue of the star in "a symbolic protest against ethnic division." So, let me get this straight:  Bosnia goes through a hellacious civil war during which ethnic violence destroys countless lives, families and homes. And who does Mostar turn to as a hero with whom all of its ethnic groups can identify? Why, Bruce Lee of course. Um, holy crap. That's possibly the coolest thing I've ever heard.

The statue will be going up within the next few months, standing as a reminder of "true values that have nothing to do with politics and...of our childhood dreams of a just world where crude physical force does not matter, but skill, speed and the will to fight for justice does." Kind of makes that Pop Idol movie seem just that much more egregious, don't it?
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