Okay, take a deep breath ... inhale ... exhale...okay. I'm just going to lay this out for you, and I want you to try not to freak out.

At least two sources – Moviehole and Bond fansite MI6– are once again reporting that Pierce Brosnan might be back as James Bond.

Even though just three weeks ago Brosnan was detailing his unceremonious dumping at the hands of Bond producers, he's now going around telling people that those same producers may have changed their minds. "Sony are pulling their hair out over it, apparently," Brosnan is now saying. "I was in their offices just a few weeks ago pitching Thomas Crown 2. They said, "come back" and I said "it's not up to me, guys." Brosnan claims the producers are torn: whilst logic would dictate that Brosnan is getting too old for the role, each Bond film he made earned more money than the last. Daniel Craig can buy as many books as he likes, but the fact is, a better candidate really hasn't yet emerged. MI6 puts it this way: "Brosnan is now the top contender for the role of James Bond in Casino Royale after all, due to studio pressure and the lack of an obvious candidate to replace him".

But they better make a decision fast; he's certainly getting no younger.
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