Join us, friends, for a flashback to the heady days of early summer in Minnesota: the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Robert Altman, Paul Thomas Anderson and about 12,000 Hollywood stars descended on St. Paul, Minnesota to film A Prairie Home Companion. Part of that caravan was teenage disastress Lindsay Lohan, who was said to be wowing all with her all-singing, all-dancing, no-tantruming performance as Meryl Streep's daughter. But let's just say a gaggle of celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, came to *your* relatively-small-town for a couple of weeks – even on the off chance that they behaved themselves, wouldn't you take pretty much any opportunity possible to mock the situation?

So it was in the interest of a little opportunist fun that Rex, mastermind of local blog MNSpeak, spent a portion of July on Prairiewatch. He printed Lohan-sightings from readers, and more or less broke the story that Paul Thomas Anderson was co-directing the film. The blog eventually got into the merchandising game; now, it's the above obvious-joke T-shirt that has original Praire Home Companion creator Garrison Keilor running to his lawyers. Keilor and Co. have slapped Rex with a cease and desist (hence the blacking out of the slogan) on the shirts, citing unfair use of copyright. As Rex points out, the shirt is obviously a parody; in order for him to win his case, "Garrison Keillor would have to prove in court that Minnesotans are stupid." Rex was making very little money off of the shirts, and now he's looking for a young, plucky, cash-disavowing lawyer to help him fight back. If you know anyone, let him know.
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