Teenage boys? Check. Skateboarding? Check. Punk rock sleaze? Check. Gratuitous nudity? Not so fast. Matthew's got a great review of Larry Clark's latest at Twitch, and though he seems to think the film is overall a bloody mess, is succeeds on one score: its general non-Larry-Clark-ness. Based on Matthew's description, Wassup Rockers is something of a cross between an unimpressive skate documentary and a wacky stoner comedy on the order of Super Troopers. About halfway through, "you honestly begin to wonder if Larry Clark has gone a bit mad," he writes. "For one, the scrapes are roughly the kind of thing, say, Harold and Kumar had to deal with on a trip to White Castle, including being attacked by rich Beverly Hills bullies (not exactly social commentary), fending off a gay rapist (funnier than it sounds, but not funny enough), and being shot by a facsimile of Charlton Heston (so cack-handedly done to appear as biting satire, it’s really quite funny after all)." I tried to find images of said facsimile, to no avail, but I have a hard time believing Larry Clark could come up with anything funnier than the above shot of Heston and his zucchini. I wonder what he's thinking about?
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