nancyWell, thank goodness for that - now maybe I'll finally find out what a "play dress" looks like. Play dresses (and Nancy's other togs) will reportedly be donned by young Emma Roberts, the remarkably uncraggy daughter of Eric. Sadly for me, the movie won't be set in the 50s (boo), but instead will take place in today's LA, where our hero will solve the murder of a long-dead movie star. So they're combining Nancy Drew with CSI and Cold Case? Savvy work, Warners! Andrew Fleming, who directed Dick, is currently rewriting the script and will direct when shooting on this project starts in 2006.

If they camp this sucker up a little -The Brady Bunch style, say - it could be a lot of fun. Or maybe I just think that because I've read about 400 Nancy Drew books.
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