olsensThe fact that this story seems like a joke to me is the reason I'm not a high-powered marketing executive. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, retail queens since they were the homely toddler on Full House, have decided that now is the time to start selling DVDs and purses to boys. To that end, they've absorbed twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse (the kid in Big Daddy) into their giant marketing borg, more commonly known as Dualstar Entertainment Group. Under the clever collective name of DC Sprouse (get it?), the twins will "be the face of a boys division" that the Olsens hope will develop into a mirror image of the merchandising juggernaut they inexplicably are for little girls. (Is this even logical? I don't think of boys are being the same frenzied consumers girls are, at least not at that age.)

Also, in case there was any question of just how macho Dylan and Cole are, their manager - apropos of nothing - would like to nip them in the bud.  "They love to Rollerblade, they like to surf, skate and are into videogames...They love animals.  They're boy boys in every sense of the term." Right then. So scratch the purses?
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