Cronicas isn't your usual action-packed, good-guy-tracks-down-serial-killer flick. It's a serious examination of journalistic ethics and the truth of what we see on television. John Leguizamo stars as Manolo Bonilla, a television journalist for a wildly popular news show based out of Miami. Manolo is in Ecuador on the trail a serial killer known as 'The Monster of Babahoyo", who has killed over 150 children throughout South America.

The story opens with a man washing himself in a river and bleaching a shirt in a bowl. We next see the man driving his truck into a village, where Manolo, his producer Marisa (Leonor Watling) and cameraman Ivan (José María Yazpik) are filming the funeral of three of The Monster's victims. During the funeral, while the families mourn their children, who were sexually assaulted, tortured and then murdered, Manolo and his team whisper about getting an interview with one of the mothers, Marisa takes a cell phone call, and Manolo scopes the scene for shots he wants Ivan to catch.