shaolinMuch like Marvel did last week by creating its own production company, the monks of the Shaolin temple are taking control of their own image and will shortly being producing films based on their legend. After watching others make money off of their fame and history as for-real kung fu monks, the Shaolin monks now hope the profits will be theirs. Though it's odd to think of a bunch of monks angling for movie profits, the temple "has been at the forefront of China's commercial revolution." In addition to being behind one of the first institutional websites in China, the monks have already commissioned a cartoon and video games based on their traditions.

The first film made by the temple itself is called The Legend of the Monk Warriors of Shaolin Temple, and will be "based on a true story of 30 warrior monks who fought 16th-century pirates." With a budget of over $25 million - large for China - the monks hope to recruit major international faces to direct and star in the film, though they themselves will also feature in fight scenes. Filming is set to begin next year.
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