Chloë Sevigny is in Toronto this week promoting three films: Lars Von Trier's Manderlay, Phillis Nagy's Mrs. Harris, and, most headline-popingly, Thom Fitzgerald's 3 Needles. Needles is a triptych that casts Sevigny – last seen on screen as the, um, friendly ghost in The Brown Bunny – as a "contemporary" nun working with AIDS patients in a South African hospice. It's not as much of a jump as it might seem. Sevigny's character – described by Fitzgerald as "Not a movie nun. Movie nuns are either beatific or they hit you with a ruler" – ends up having sex with a plantation owner in exchange for medical supplies and cash. "She sacrifices herself – the only way she knows she can, through using her body," Sevigny told The Globe and Mail. "She's someone who falls from grace – but doesn't. I was very concerned with not making her too goody-goody." Because a goody-goody nun? Yeah, no. That sounds like a "movie nun" to me.
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