simonI was going to call this post "The World is Ending," but since that would have only narrowed down the content to about 30,000 possibly subjects, I tried to be more specific. Simon Cowell, known to the those who share the secret shame of American Idol as the profoundly sleazy yet not entirely repellent (or is that just me?) "mean one" on the show. He also happens to be the guy who came up with the whole concept (The first series took place in Britain and was called Pop Idol.) and must be making roughly $4 zillion/day now that there are Idol shows in every corner of the world. Not satisfied with only one house full of money, Cowell's come up with a brilliant new plan:  a movie based on the concept. Inevitable, sure, but depressing nevertheless. And did he not see From Justin to Kelly?

I'll let Simon give you the details:  "It will feature two people trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry and all the heartache that goes with it. One of the lead roles will be British, the other will be an international name." But wait - it gets better! I know that seems impossible, but listen to this:  "One of the main roles will be available for an ordinary person. We will hold auditions up and down the country to find a talented young actor or actress for the role." Yep, that's right. We're going to get to watch a TV show about the casting of a movie which, in turn, will be appalling. My only hope is that when he says "the country" he means England, and maybe we'll be spared.

By the way, casually mentioned in the article linked below is the fact that Simon is soon to be "starring" in an action film called The Curse of King Tut's Tomb. Christ. The man simply must be stopped.
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