zombiesGeorge Romero's Land of the Dead has been banned in Ukraine by that country's Culture Ministry. No, they're not unnaturally resistant to the charms of John Leguizamo, or scared of Dennis Hopper (not that anyone could really blame them for the latter). Instead, it turns out that Ukraine went through a rather horrific period in the early 1930s known as "Holodomor," or "Ukrainian genocide" during which widespread famine (part of Stalin's infamous collectivization debacle) killed millions. A side effect of the famine was a desperate struggle by citizens to stay alive, sometimes by eating human flesh. Needless to say, though the event happened nearly 100 years ago, it's still painfully alive in Ukrainian minds. Censorship is obviously not something most of us would endorse, but you can at least see why the Culture Ministry might feel that, really, no one there needs to see a movie about cannibals, even if they are American and undead.

[via Counting Down]
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