Mario Van PeeblesMario Van Peebles has signed on to act and direct in the film Yellow Wood for Spyglass Entertainment. As much as we'd like to think this is some kind of pre-adolescent porn flick, the story is said to follow a woman who teams up with one of them wacky scientists in order to delve deep inside her mind and help alter the events surrounding her sister's murder. Van Peebles explains, ever so eloquently, that it's "where quantum physics meets spirituality, and there's this tricky nebula of parallel lives." Yeah, thanks Mario -- that makes perfect sense. Van Peebles' (I love typing that name) first feature, New Jack City, earned him all sorts of awards and helped launch the career of comedian Chris Rock by proving that even crack dealers are funny. His last directorial effort came with the 2003 homage to his father, Baadasssss, which, coincidentally, happens to be one of my favorite movie titles ever.
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