Sienna Miller is taking time out of her busy fiancee forgiving schedule to gossip about Factory Girl, the Edie Sedgwick biopic in which she is set to star. Apparently, the project was scheduled to start shooting in New Orleans in November; it's now (I guess obviously) on hold. "Because of what's happened there we can't do it this year, I wouldn't have thought," She says. "It's such a tragedy over there."

Agreed. But why was Factory Girl – a story set largely in 1960's Manhattan, with iconic New York locations likely to be integral to the script – shooting in New Orleans anyway? Were the Louisiana Tax Incentives really *that* good? This is especially strange news, considering that just last week, Gothamist interviewed producer Anthony Bregman, who claimed that the state of New York is aggressively courting production through a new state rebate program, to the point where he's actually currently involved in a film that is shooting Manhattan for Columbus, OH. This is a direct quote: "It’s difficult for me to say what the macro-trend is, but certainly in our case [speaking for This is That Films] it’s made it possible for us to shoot a lot of films that would have to be shot in Louisiana or Canada and other places. " So why doesn't Factory Girl just hop on the rebate bandwagon and come back to Manhattan where it belongs?
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