sawHmm, I see Cary Elweshasn't joined us. Ah well. Big news today for those of you who are jonesing to see some more of Saw 2. (Have you seen the trailer? It's here.) According to the Saw People, they just put some footage up on the official site. The catch? It's hidden. Which, of course, means that there might not be any footage at all, and that they're just trawling for hits. (Speaking of, there's a nude picture of Clive Owen somewhere on Cinematical. No, really. Just keep clicking around, and I promise you'll find it. Tell all your friends.)

If there is actually hidden footage from the movie, though, that's a pretty cool idea, and a good way to reward persistent fans. Personally, I lack the attention span to even look for it (not to mention that I'm afraid of what I'd see if I found it) - but if any of you do manage to unearth it, please post some hints in the comments so we can all profit from your digging.