nycSometimes, New York City is a pretty amazing place. Since 2000, the City has funded Ghetto Film School, a nine-week South Bronx filmmaking course during which high school students each produce a six minute film. The 13 students in this summer's program (chosen from a pool of applicants) received instructional visits from Jodie Foster, Spike Jonze, and Peter Sollett, and were able to visit Spike Lee on the set of Inside Man. In addition to the summer program, the School - whose boards include such bigwigs as Mark Wahlberg and David O. Russell - also offers internships with filmmakers and trips abroad to study filmmaking.

Curious about these kids and their projects? All 13 of the films will be shown at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade theater tomorrow night at 6pm. Keep an eye out for David Sanchez's:  you'll recognize it right away by the "
man-sized pink bunny." Awesome.
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