deppJohnny Depp, who has always been a rather appealing combination of talented, smart, and very odd, is showing no signs of changing his ways. Asked why he signed on for the two Pirates of the Caribbean sequels, Depp confessed to missing his character when he's away. Jeez. I really hope Jack's away most of the time, if only for the sake of Johnny's wife. Poor Vanessa would really have her hands full living with Johnny Depp AND a glammed-up pirate.

Anyway. Since he's rather obviously in a position where he doesn't need to make movies for money, Depp's claim that he simply "wanted to meet up with the character again" is pretty convincing. Not many people over six, though, would go on to describe a fake pirate as "a pal" who they pine for when he's not around. "It's a very strange situation where you're as a grown man having separation anxiety with an imaginary character. It's worrisome, because you know it's not normal, but you can't stop yourself...I just like the guy." Now, if Billy Bob Thornton said this? So creepy. JLo? Bubbled-headed and depressing. But Johnny Depp? Totally endearing. Sorry, Billy Bob. Life is unfair.
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