Principle photography is complete on What We Do is Secret, Rodger Grossman's biopic on Darby Crash and The Germs, and the director gave a ton of details. He says that actor Shane West "got so close to being Darby that it actually freaked out a lot of the scenesters that came by the set." West's preparation ranged from reading books from Crash's library to having "prosthetic teeth permanently affixed to his, which had to be 'chipped out' so his teeth were more like Darby's." According to Grossman, whilst still in high school Darby came up with a "five-year plan" to become a legend; Secret begins "with Darby telling [Germs and Nirvana guitarist] Pat [Smear] about his 'five-year plan.' And the movie traces [those] five years." There's much more to read on Billboard; Grossman is hoping to premiere the film next year at Sundance.

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