Old Radio Fun, an audio blog, is posting a series of historic Disney radio broadcasts as podcasts. Included is a five-minute informercial for The Song of the South, featuring Johnny Mercer and two of the kids from the film. As the podcast host points out, Disney has long waffled on plans to rerelease the film, but – and this is something that never really crossed my mind – Splash Mountain, one of the most popular rides at both of the North American Disney theme parks as well as Tokyo Disneyland, is built around its characters. Disneyland's website even advertises the ride as a place to "be entertained by the antics of characters from Disney's Song of the South" - the only place, as they haven't theatrically released the film since the mid-80s, and it's as of now unavailable on DVD. Considering, in typical Disneyland fashion, the ride empties out onto a merchandise shop, I guess it's pretty genius that Disney has figured out a way to get kids to purchase ancillaries on a movie they've never seen. The current rumor holds that Disney might roll out a Song of the South DVD next year.

[via BoingBoing]