jtAs if director Robert Altman's job wasn't already going to be hard enough, Old Vic "artistic" "director" Kevin Spacey has reportedly brought in Justin Timberlake to star in Resurrection Blues. Yes, that Justin Timberlake. I wish I could tell you there was another one, with mad acting chops and equally fine abs, but I can't. Spacey (if the shine didn't go off this guy when he made that goddamn Bobby Darin movie, this hire might finally do it) apparently thinks that JT's first stage role should be in an Arthur Miller play, directed by an American film legend. You know, because he's just that good of an actor.

Also, if by "star" this story means play the lead, he's going to have to be really, really good. And not just for the obvious on-stage-a-lot reasons. Here's the play's plot summary:  a "tale of a Hispanic man who is believed to be the son of God." Mr. Spacey, sir? Young JT may be many things (among them short and, um, sexy), but Hispanic just ain't one of them.
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