russellIt's sort of hard to tell, but I think Russell Crowe wants all of the United States to run to his side, shouting tearful apologies for the disgraceful way he's been treat. Because he's threatening to "shrink [his] professional life" by cutting Hollywood out of it. Horrors! That'll teach us not to appreciate him. It seems Russell is quite peeved about this whole felony assault thing. If he's convicted, he apparently won't be able to get into the US, at least not without a lot of negotiating. Plus, people pick on him here. Oh, excuse me - "front" him. And, you know, he just can't be bothered. Really, all this Hollywood crap is just bullshit to him. He doesn't need it. Really? So that wasn't you talking about an Undead Gladiator the other day, Russell? And Master and Commander sequels? Must have been some other meathead Aussie Kiwi. My bad.
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