alainHis marriage has broken up and he can only see his kids every other week. Plus, people are superficial fakes. Screen god Alain Delon is have a rough goddamn time of it, so much so that he claims to have considered suicide. He told a French newspaper recently of his depression, and added "It won't be God who decides the day of my death." Yeah, I guess you could call that depression.

In an effort to cheer Delon up, the mayor of Vasto, a small Italian resort town, has invited the star to move there. Earlier this year Delon attended Vasto's film festival and was rapturously received; the mayor (
Filippo Pietrocola) clearly thinks his town is the sort of place where Delon can chill out and recharge his poor emotional batteries. Said Pietrocola, Vasto is a "friendly little place" where Delon could "live for long spells...seeking the sincere and profound human relations that are ever rarer in today's world." Not only that, but the film festivals chairs have said they would love to step down and let Delon take over. Purity, relaxation, and a job! What's not to love? Come on, Alain. Please consider it. My heart breaks a little every time a classic star dies, and losing you will seriously screw me up. Let's give it another 10-15 years, huh?
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