I'm not sure what part of this is worse news for Bruce Campbell fans – that Ashton Kutcher is reportedly starring in the Evil Dead remake, or that the classic camp horror gem is being remade in the first place. For those worried about how the remake is going to be handled, you might take some comfort in the fact that Campbell and original Dead director Sam Raimi are both producing the remake. But how do you reconcile Ashton as Ash? Demi's boyfriend hasn't confirmed the rumor, but he has made it into the remake's IMDB profile, and that's enough to rile up the kids at JoBlo: "Personally, I'd rather not have one of my most beloved horror films ever dragged into this Hollywood machine to be remade," writes Pat Torfe. "As for Kutcher, if he indeed is in the film, there's only room for one Ashley J. Williams in my book, and that man is Bruce Campbell." What do you guys think?
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