glickThe horrors of Katrina, the faltering war on terror, the Cardinals' injury woes. All of it just melted away when I read about a third Santa Clause installment. Because the first two, you know, were such lovely holiday fare.

OK, let's cut the crap. Apparently these suckers were profitable, and since Disney is losing money hand over fist, they're going to cling to any sure thing they think they've got. To their credit, they seem to have noticed that Tim Allen's star has faded a bit, so they're trying to get a high profile, funny costar for the Tool Time guy. Though the deal is not quite sealed, word is that Martin Short is penciled in to play Jack Frost, a cold bastard who is trying to "take over Christmas from Santa Claus." Disney seem very sure that Short will make the movie a raging box office success, because they're offering him seven figures. And since I laugh until I drool when Short gets all swollen in Inner Space Pure Luck, I really can't throw stones at this one. Dumb is awfully funny sometimes.
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