Johnny KnoxvilleSo I'm reading Brad Shipston's take on the upcoming Johnny Knoxville film, Daltry Calhoun, over at The Movie Blog, when out of nowhere the guy busts out with, "I have gone on record in the past stating that Knoxville is going to be the next Brad Pitt." After reading that sentence about a dozen times, in between multiple fits of uncomfortable laughter, I found myself sort of agreeing with him. With Calhoun, Knoxville attempts, for the first time, to successfully carry a film all on his own. Based on its trailer, now online, pic looks to be a comedy mixed with a few, more serious "I have to learn how to be a good father" moments. The ex-Jackass star plays a golfing, grass (as in the legal kind) salesman who is unexpectedly forced to look after his 14-year-old daughter; a musical prodigy. While the film itself looks somewhat promising, with it, Knoxille seems to be evolving as an actor; something I never thought we'd ever see, let alone talk about. Like with early Brad Pitt, perhaps the appeal is found in Knoxville's charm and "home-style" good looks. After all, there has to be some reason why people flock to watch him perform. It's an interesting comparison; one that's sure to spark a one-sided opinion when first brought up. I'd be curious to see the kinds of roles Knoxville chooses in the future, because you never know, this may not seem like a stupid question in a year from now.
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