Just Like Heaven

While you, the casual moviegoer, may often wonder why Reese Witherspoon is a star, you only need look at how many women's magazines her sunny face graces to understand the demographic appeal. That said, the Legally Blonde star's latest custom ride is -- well, your Mom will like it, anyway, despite the fact that it's not much to speak of.

Witherspoon plays a driven MD with no social life…until one day a car crash separates her body from her spirit…which ends up back at her apartment…which her sister has sublet to a grieving, puppy-doggish landscape architect…played by indie crossover heartthrob Mark Ruffalo! Naturally, the two mismatched and reluctant roommates butt heads (mostly because he is a slob who kills his pain with booze like all men do) -- and fall in love. At least we're meant to believe they fall in love. That's where the movie falls short (or falls the shortest).
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