wiseyAccording to his agent, four-time Oscar winner Robert Wise - who celebrated his birthday on Saturday in seemingly good health - died of heart failure yesterday. Though Wise won his Oscars for big-budget musicals (West Side Story and The Sound of Music), he refused to limit his work to a specific genre, saying "I'd rather do my own thing...I don't have a favorite kind of film to make. I just look for the best material I can find." Among the material that caught his eye were such wildly diverse films as The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Sand Pebbles (which he produced and directed), Star Trek, and Odds Against Tomorrow.  Prior to gaining fame as a producer/director, Wise was a very talented editor as well. Before his 30th birthday, he had edited sound on films such as Top Hat, and worked with a kid called Orson Welles, editing both Citizen Kane and The Magnificent Ambersons.

Following his semi-retirement in 1979, Wise remained a Hollywood presence and served terms and president of both the Director's Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.
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