I'm sure this is old news to both Vin Diesel and Dungeons and Dragons fans, but I'm sure most of the people who make fun of both groups haven't heard about it. Apparently Diesel is a major D & D nerd, to the point where he actually wrote the forward to a book commemorating the game called Thirty Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons. "We were all drawn to the game because it allowed us to become these characters, vastly different in appearance and in actions," Diesel writes. "but what kept us hooked was the search for the character that represented our higher self." You can read more at Amazon. This all comes up, incidentally, because Cory Doctorow posted on BoingBoing about a hypothetical D & D celebrity reality show: "I wanna hear Angelina Jolie's level three cleric get medieval on Ed McMahon's chaotic evil elf fighter!" Wil Wheaton then popped up and announced that such a thing almost happened; he says he shot a pilot for just such a show with the members of Upright Citizens Brigade, but Comedy Central chose not to pick it up.
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