armyMaybe not, but I can't think of any other reason that they'd suddenly start pushing their facilities (and, um, humans) at film companies. The Ministry of Defence has set up a website (which you really should visit, if only to hear the audio) specifically to advertise their considerable services to filmmakers. Among other things, they offer "a vast range of authentic buildings and areas exemplifying many specific historical periods," as well as large stretches of unspoiled countryside up and down which extras can freely run. It seems, you see, that the British Army owns a (many?) huge tract of land somewhere - and it's all guarded by military security. So, whatever money studios pay to rent the space, they potentially save on security. Or at least that's what the website's helpful audio says. Who am I to argue?

The real kicker here isn't the lovely cliffs and fields and castles and whatnot, though. It's the guns! You can borrow all sorts of "military equipment and memorabilia" from the army! That's right, Mr. Producer:  you've used your last rubber cannon. Plus, if your extras don't know how to properly wield cudgels or submachine guns, you can rent soldiers, too! Don't worry, though - the army assures us that only personnel who are "in between training or active engagements" will be available. So they won't be bringing anyone home from Iraq. Well, maybe if Ridley Scott asks - but other than that, definitely not.
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