pimpinGee, great news. As if a guy who calls himself the "King" of anything needs more attention. Jason Itzler, who once ran a big money escort agency called NY Confidential, is currently doing time in Riker's (for that whole pimping thing). Incarceration, however, has not stopped Itzler from wheeling and dealing - you can't keep a pimp down, unfortunately.

Because he's just that fascinating, two different agencies (ICM and CAA) are working to bring Itzler's gross story to the big screen, but it's ICM that's in the lead. Though there are no writers yet, Wayne Wang has agreed to direct the biopic, which he's calling Rocket Fuel for Winners. Wang, disturbingly, had independent interest in Itzler even before he was contacted about the film, and calls him "sort of the guy who pushed the edge of the American dream in the new millennium." Whatever, Wayne. The guy's a sleazebag.
Sadly for Wayne, there may already be trouble in paradise. When asked who he would, ideally, cast as Itzler, Wang suggested Jack Black and Vince Vaughn. The film's producers (one of whom is Itzler's cousin) have slightly different ideas about the cast:  "I’d love to see a guy like Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role. For any actor it’s a dream role to play." (I'm sure Jack Black and Leo are often up for the same role. Hee.) Oh, and there's also the issue of Itzler apparently selling his story to ICM and CAA. Wang is unsurprised, and still in love. Said the smitten director, "Wow, I have not heard that. I wouldn’t put it past him, though. Oh, god." Which, of course, is director-speak for "Such cheek! Isn't he just precious?"
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