scottbA completely adorable 12-year-old Welsh boy accidentally hung himself earlier this year in an apparent effort to act out a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean. Those of you who have seen the movie more recently and more often than myself will perhaps recall the moment when Captain Jack successfully escaped a noose - which is what Scott Buckle was trying to do when he died. The poor kid had ADHD, and one of the symptoms that was particularly prominent in his case was "an unawareness of danger and an inability to appreciate risk." According to his mom, Scott often took significant risks without any fear or concern for his safety. Combine that with the fact that he saw the movie the night before he died and had a tendency to imitate things, and you have potential for a tragic accident.

This whole thing is made even sadder by the fact that the kid was reportedly starting to get a handle on his behavioral problems and had recently started acting. He'd gone to his first film audition shortly before his death. Poor bastard.
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