heartDespite the fact that Harvey and Bob aren't yet out the door, new Miramax head Daniel Battsek yesterday announced that he'd flexed his buying muscle for the first time. Battsek's first buy is The Heart of the Game, a documentary about "a tough inner-city girl's fight to play the game she loves and the eccentric tax professor who coaches her team" that is reportedly generating serious buzz at Toronto. First-time director Ward Serrill spent six years with the eccentric tax professor (Bill Resler) and his team, and this movie sounds freaking amazing. That said, as an ex-basketball player and coach myself, I admit that I may be sort of an easy mark for flicks like this one. Reviews are impossible to find (for me, anyway), but the few responses I've come across on the web are overwhelmingly positive - and Roger Ebert liked it! So maybe it's not just me, and this is the next March of the Penguins. Battsek certainly hopes so.
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