gromitSince Revolver has turned out to totallysuck, I think the movie I'm most looking forward to this fall/winter is The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. From the moment I saw Creature Comforts, I knew that Nick Park was a genius of nearly Werner Herzog proportions (albeit slight more sane and a lot less German), and nothing he's done since has disappointed me.

In case any of you were concerned that he might finally falter, this latest, bunny-rific clip should assuage any doubts. The best thing about Park's works has always been the detail in the background (Remember the bird getting his beak yanked off in Creature Comforts?), and this clip really foregrounds (sorry) that strength. There are roughly 40 different formats available, so everyone ought to be able to find one that works with their OS. What are you waiting for?

[via The Movie Blog]