dcA contributor points us to an article which claims to have inside info on who really is going to play James Bond. Ready? No, it's not old man Brosnan (or old man Bronson, for that matter):  supposedly, it really is Daniel Craig. Was he just maybe, possibly shopping for that fancy copy of Casino Royale for a reason? (Though I'm still unclear on what that reason might be. You have to spend thousands of pounds on the first edition of a book that's really not that great, just because you're gonna do the movie? Lucky for his wallet he's not playing Leopold Bloom.)

Though this source's suggestion that Craig "beat out" Clive Owen contradicts other rumors (could this get more insane?), if it does turn out to be right, there's another interesting tidbit here:  alleged first choice Julian McMahon had to turn the role down due to his commitments to Nip/Tuck. Hmm. I'm just glad that didn't happen, whatever the reason - DemonBond is a bad idea.

Never fear, dear readers - you'll hear the next wrinkle the moment we do!

[Thanks, Bernie.]
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