Just FriendsFor whatever reason, my friends seem to think I know something about movies. From time to time (six times this week) I've had the following question asked of me: "Say, what's a good date movie?" Why are you asking me? Do I look like the kind of guy who goes around researching love in order to see how it applies to the films playing at your local theater? I mean, I'm getting married in two months - I don't date. I rent. Lets face it, the only real love in my life is Cinematical - {cough}- which, thankfully, allows me to provide you with this week's Trailer Park
  • Ryan Reynolds goes from fat guy to hot guy, and in the process, attempts to win over that girl from high school who always considered them to be Just Friends. 
  • Meryl Streep plays a psychoanalyst whose canvas-happy son falls in love with one of her patients; a little dame named Uma Thurman. Ooohh, I wonder if he'll paint her nude like Leo did in that boat movie? What? A guy can dream, right? Check out Prime.
  • When you're in fifth grade and falling in love for the first time in New York City, you'd be surprised how Little Manhattan really is.
  • Hmm, Steve Martin or that hot, sexy struggling musician? Dear diary, whatever should Claire Danes do? Wait, did I just call Jason Schwartzman hot? Okay, maybe he is or was or should be, but does this novella pack enough punch to fill an entire film? Say hello to Shopgirl
  • Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash? Bring it on baby! The biopic, which took forever to make, focuses on Cash's memorable career in music as well as his topsy-turvy relationship with June Carter. When this comes out, I won't just Walk The Line, I'll be the guy fighting for that perfect seat.