Mary Louise ParkerMovie fans and Showtime subscribers looking for a change of pace are taking to -- and some, toking to -- the network's new comedy, Weeds. In it, Mary-Louise Parker of Saved! plays Nancy, a suburban housewife and mother of two who turns to dealing pot to survive after her husband suddenly dies and leaves her and the boys with next to nothing. In a recent episode, Parker is discussing the spike in demand with a teenage dealer, played by Justin Chatwin, who played Tom Cruise's son in War Of The Worlds.  "They've been playing Winged Migration for the midnight show all week, wiped me out," he explains. "Shit hasn't gone this fast since Passion of the Christ." Nancy, amazed, replies, "People got stoned for The Passion of the Christ? That's...disturbing." "It's not as disturbing as it is if you're not stoned," the teen answers, nonchalantly. "It's a straight up snuff film!"
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