2046Film writing, just like everything else, has been affected by the speed at which we live:  we're all (myself very much included) moving too quickly most of the time to sit down and really absorb things. So, instead, we read RSS summaries of articles. We watch Headline News to get the gist of what's happening in the world. We send abbreviation-laden text messages instead of actually speaking. Things that are thoughtful and sophisticated and pointed get brushed aside, if they even exist at all.

All of that is why Graham Fuller's extraordinary essay (from, of all places, The Village Voice) on a single still from 2046 is something everyone who loves film should read. Whether you agree with him or not, Fuller's carefully developed piece shows such depth of knowledge and thought that it serves to remind all of us just how inspiring film writing can be. And, indeed, to reassure us of the simple, irresistible power of cinema.
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