truthAs Karina told us, Atom Egoyan is refusing to blur or otherwise edit the big, thrust-filled threesome scene in Where the Truth Lies. He's sticking to his artistic principles and taking his NC-17 rating like a man. Sort of. Word now comes that, though the film's theatrical release will be unaltered, the film will be edited down to an R for home video. Specifically, Egoyan will make changes for Blockbuster and Wal-Mart, neither of which will carry the film without them. In what is possibly the first-ever example of a director being pleased about pan-and-scan, Egoyan thinks that the narrowed frame of the DVD release will enable him to make his film less thrusty without losing much actual footage. Which is good, since he reportedly doesn't have coverage of the scene and would have to totally remove offending sequences instead of simply cutting to less explicit angles.

No doubt whoever owns the DVD rights to this sucker is salivating at the prospect of many different editions, so that Egoyancompleteists can be royally fleeced.
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