gehryCelebrity friendships that cross fields are totally fascinating to me. Sydney Pollack and architect Frank Gehry, for example, have been friends for years. How did they meet? What was it that they found they had in common that made them work to stay in touch? What do they mean to one another?

A recent side effect of the compelling friendship is Pollack's first documentary, Sketches of Frank Gehry. The film, which was made at Gehry's request, recently screened at Toronto and was shot by Pollack himself with a mini-DVD camera. Lisa Rochon of the Globe and Mail reports that, through interviews and exploration of the architect's insecurities and techniques, Pollack achieves a tremendous intimacy with his subject. In addition, Pollack's naivete about architecture also gives the film an unusual perspective. Because he comes to the art (science?) without preconceptions, he is freed from the conventional ways of both looking at and interpreting buildings.

Rochon's excellent article (linked below) makes the film sound irresistible. Unfortunately, the damn thing doesn't seem to have a distributor, so at the moment we're screwed. Of course, we can always wait to see Brad Pitt's alleged Gehry doc, though I'm guessing it'll be just slightly different.
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