MKTo hear the way that Jeff Lange over at Jim Hill Media describes it, the annual star-studded, Disney-sponsored contemporary Christian music festival "Night Of Joy" held last weekend at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando was overrun by unruly youth groups the likes of which have not been seen since the fall of Saigon, the Stones at Altamont or the Cabbage Patch Kids riots of '83. This loyal Disney fan details his night of hell at the hands of an unchaperoned twerp mob, as well as the reasons why Mouse management lets this amok-ery continue.

As much as that ol' Disney Magic has faded in the last years, Disney "cast members" are almost always chipper, friendly and helpful (OK, this one time, a restaurant employee did call my wife the c-word in Spanish when she had the nerve to complain about getting the wrong order). To openly see these folks take off their giant four-fingered kid gloves and deal with the rabble would be a big help to the rest of us who have to endure, like Lange did, assaults and the like, though whenever they do take action, the rest of us seldom know about it, as the offenders are usually dragged (by Morlocks, I presume) into the tunnels -- or "Utilidors" -- that run under the park.
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