empireI can hear you now. "My life would be complete, if only I could watch all 485 minutes of Andy Warhol's Empire. Preferably outside, perhaps in London." I don't know how many times I've said the same thing myself - and our chance has finally come! (The film, which consists of a single, overnight shot of the Empire State Building, promoted Warhol to announce that he preferred movie-making to painting, because the former was easier.)

Empire will be shown four times in London next month, projected every Friday night onto the facade of the National Theatre (notice the proper spelling). Each screening will begin at dusk, so that night in New York and night in London will coincide. While only the certifiably insane are likely to sit and watch the thing for eight hours, it would be pretty cool to glance over and see the Empire State Building on the banks of the Thames, if only for a few minutes.

[Curious non-Londoners can see a clip here.]
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