capoteIn a shocking show of faith in the intellectual curiosity of movie audiences, Sony Pictures is promoting Capote with an online archive of New York Times articles related to the author. Among the linked articles (Sony paid for the virtual reprints) are reviews of Capote's work and a series of news stories from 1964, detailing the murders that became his most famous novel, In Cold Blood. In addition, there is a sidebar offering biographical information about the major characters in the film, from Harper Lee to long-time New Yorker editor William Shawn.

People, these are not bullet-pointed summaries of the articles - the whole, usually lengthy, articles are here, chock-full of Capote-y goodness for curious readers. I don't know what prompted this outlandish assumption by Sony that movie viewers can read and have adult-sized attention spans (Who, us?), but I'm sure not going to complain.
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