• "Is there any director more entitled than [David] Cronenberg to put his feet up and make a few bucks directing a nice popcorn movie for a change?" Jonathan Dee on Cronenberg's best.
  • Allyson Hollingsworth's art is featured prominently in Steve Martin's Shopgirl; her life is featured prominently in the novella on which it was based. In this profile, she frustratingly refuses to dish on her real-life relationship with Martin, but she talks about pretty much everything else.
  • "[George] Clooney seems to be the one Big Star, give or take a Bono, who has managed to have his cake and credibility, too." David Carr talks to the triple-threat on the eve of Good Night, and Good Luck's premiere at the New York Film Festival.
  • "This is the best thing I ever did," says Joaquin Phoenix, explaining his decidedly non-anonymous participation in AA. "It takes a lot of courage to look at yourself in a rigorously honest way. And I like rigor.''
  • Joe Queenan calls Marlon Brando's Fan-Tan a "thrilling example" of the curious genre of celebrity art side-projects: "Ultimately, the question of whether these oddities cut the mustard becomes irrelevant. The only thing worth asking is: "Gee willikers! What occasioned this?"
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