What kind of director has the audacity to plan his entire shooting schedule around sunflower season? A first timer, of course. Actor-turned-director Liev Schreiber did just that on his directorial debut, Everything is Illuminated. "Everybody said to do the field would be prohibitive, because of the cost of C.G.I.," Schreiber told the NY Times. "But my production designer said, "No - let's find out when they bloom."" They ended up renting a plot of land, planting their own seeds, and trusting the plants to bloom on schedule (which they did). Good thing, too, because as Schreiber says, "We built the whole shooting schedule around that!" Foolhardy, yes, but worth it; the sunflowers' brief cameo is both the most striking part of Schreiber's film, and one of the best-looking images I've seen in a film this year. I should have reviewed Illuminated this past week but, as a fan of the novel, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around Schreiber's adaptation. Expect a review on Cinematical before the film expands next Friday.
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