In a lucky coincidence for those laying in wait for opportunities to make analogies concerning the triumph of good versus evil, Just Like Heaven beat The Exorcism of Emily Rose at the box office this weekend. But just barely: Exorcism made $115.3 million (a disappointing if unsurprising 50% dropoff from its debut) to Heaven's $16.5 million.  The week's second highest debut was Andrew Niccol's Lord of War, which hit third place with $9.2 million. Elsewhere, 40 Year-Old Virgin crossed the $90 million mark (and should hit $100 million by the end of the month), and March of the Penguins collected another $2.6 million, bringing its overall total to $70.4 million in its 12th week. It's slowly but surely gaining on Fahrenheit 9/11 for the title of the highest grossing documentary of all time, but it's got a good $50 million left to go. Full top ten after the jump.